10 Best Ways To Exercise at Work

10 best ways to exercise at work 

Exercise is the initial step to be required for every person to stay healthy and fit. Whenever he heard about exercise it generally means physical effort to be done by body.

We all heard many times that exercise should be done after an initial walk or jogging but this time we came up with certain techniques which you can perform on your daily routine even at office, desk and chair.

  • Get rid of escalators or lift:

This is very first practice for exercise that everyone can follow in their daily routine by giving preference to stairs instead of lift & escalators which gives you a healthy heart & body.

  • Horizontally Leg Stretching:

This exercise you can perform while sitting on a chair itself. Just push back the chair stretch your legs in horizontally forward direction. Repeat it for at least 20 times for better results.

  • Stretching palm & fingers:

Generally everyone got pain in fingers & palm by regularly typing on a keyword, so this is best exercise for them. You can simply join you all four fingers and push them in backward direction with other hand and vice-versa. Now same process follows for palm also for at least 15 times.

  • Rotation of Neck:

Neck pain generally seen in all working people because they usually work on computer by bending their neck always which results in neck pain. After every 2-3 hours stop working for some minutes and rotate you neck turn wise in all (clock-wise, anti clock-wise, up, down, left & right) directions.

  • Workout with chair:

You can also workout with your chair by simply holding the sides of chair by your hands and lifting up the legs in air, try to move up and down for few minutes. It helps in preventing back pain.

  • Increased Vision:

Many working people suffer from the problem of specs because of continuously working on computer. To get rid of it just sprinkles some water in eyes and closes them. Then with finger tip rotate the cornea from outer side for few minutes and then open eyes slowly. This makes you feel better.

  • Stretching of Hands:

This problem can be overcome by sitting on chair also. Just hold your hand with another and try to stretch it in opposite direction and vice-versa. It will give relax to your hand.

  • Giving relaxation to back:

It is usually seen that while sitting on a same location for long hours resulted in our back pain. So to get rid of it simply gets up from chair and walking slowly in office which relaxes your back.

  • Foot relaxation:

Having leather shoes in legs for long hour also results pain over foot. For this simply gets you foot out shoes and start rotating your foot with fingers.

  • Laughing & Deep Breathing:

Laughing is best therapy to stretches all your stomach muscle and makes you mentally fit also. Deep breathing will prevent you from work load and other tensions and makes you to fell fresh.