Easy And Effective Solutions For Keeping The Mosquitoes Away

As summer is approaching there is a lot to look forward to, but mosquitoes are certainly not one of them. While enjoying a summer’s day outside with friends and family, the last thing someone wants is to be eaten alive by these blood-sucking pests. But mosquitoes are not simply a nuisance; they also can serious diseases that can even be fatal.

The diseases transmitted by mosquitoes to humans worldwide include malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. These diseases can lead to a variety of unpleasant conditions such as high fever, joint pains, and rashes. Some of them have a very high fatality rate such as malaria, which kills about 50% of people it infects. According to research conducted by world health experts known as epidemiologists, every year mosquitoes infect 700 million people with a disease and of those 700 million people 1 million of them die. It may be surprise to learn that the tiny creature is the deadliest animal in the world.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep mosquitoes away and thus prevent them from pestering and infecting you and your family. These solutions range from the medicinal to the herbal to just simply making a few lifestyle changes. Learning about the ways to keep mosquitoes far away from you can help you to stay safe and comfortable this summer season.

Store-bought remedies  

The typical and most obvious way to prevent mosquito bites is to take a trip to the store and purchase one of the various products on the market. First there are the sprays, creams and lotions. Odomos is one mosquito repellent company that advertises itself as safe for kids, and their products include cream, lotion, gels, and sprays that provide defense from mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. Another product is hit spray, which upon a three second spray will kill mosquitoes instantly in key areas where they reside.

Then there are the devices that use heat to produce an odor that mosquitoes find extremely unpleasant. Among these is a mosquito coil, which is mosquito repelling incense in the shape of a spiral and made of a special powder that produces a mosquito-repelling smoke. These coils are relatively inexpensive and can last from 8-12 hours. Another related and newer product is the Good Knight Fast Card, which is a paper strip that burns without giving off smoke or using electricity.

While relatively effective at keeping mosquitoes away, these forms of mosquito repellents can carry certain risks to our health that not everyone knows about. Mosquito coils for instance can be a fire hazard if not used safely and the fumes can be as toxic as cigarette smoke. Also, sprays and cream sometimes contain chemicals such as DEET that can have harmful effects on the body. Therefore it is very important to research particular products, their ingredients and their effects before purchasing them.

Home Remedies

In addition to getting something from a store, there are a variety of things you can do on your own that don’t require you to go to a store to purchase a mosquito repellent product. One of most effective things you can do is cover up. While it is very tempting to wear shorts and open-toe sandals every time you go out in the summer, wearing light and loose-fitting that covers the body will help you remain as cool as possible while keeping mosquitoes away from attacking your skin.

here are other simple things you can do such as cleaning up and emptying out water filled containers. This will help reduce the number of mosquitoes because they typically only breed in areas that are wet and dark. Moreover, plugging in a fan will help you keep cool and be free of mosquitoes at the same time, since mosquitoes cannot fly fast enough to handle the speed of the fan.

Herbal Remedies

Finally, there are herbal products that are safer and less toxic than most other store-bought products. Among the herbal solutions to mosquito bite prevention are essential oils such as lavender, which smells wonderful and works best when diluted in a carrier oil such as apricot or coconut oil. Another good choice is organic soil oil, which is just as effective as DEET-containing repellants in keeping mosquitoes at a distance from you.

Moreover an excellent alternative to a typical store-bought mosquito repellent is an Ayurvedic Diffuser. Ayuverda is one of the oldest healing systems in the world and when inhaled, not only protects against mosquitoes but other health ailments as well. Finally, there are herbal ointments you can purchase that are a mix of a variety of essential oils and have a pleasant herbal scent. Using an herbal remedy like a herbal ointment will help you stay safe against mosquitoes and the harmful chemicals from typical store-bought products as well.

Mosquitoes no more!

Now that you know the ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home and from your skin, why not try one of the several solutions described above? Doing so in a smart and safe way will put your body and mind at ease this summer season.