Importance of Routine Health Check-ups

Routine check-ups prevent ageing and early death!

The prime aim of regular routine check-ups  is to prevent illnesses and their progression. doctor-listening-to-mans-chestRegular routine check-ups are necessary for everyone whether you are feeling healthy or prone to illness. Sometimes you may also require to regularly get check-ups as suggested by the doctor, depending on your age and gender.

The woman’s at 40’s, are most prone to breast cancer so a regular mammogram screening turns out to be compulsory for you. For people at 50s, the screening for colorectal cancer or other risk factors should be done on regular basis.

The routine check-ups:

  • Helps in finding the problems early.
  • Helps in Disease prevention and early vaccination.
  • Helps you plan out better life habits changes for disease prevention.92022515(1)
  • Let you get proper attention to the issue and take immediate attention.
  • Let you opt preventive measures before you actually get trapped by the disease.
  • Let you determine your present health status.
  • Avoid increased, long-term medical costs as the problem can be diagnosed at early stage.
  • Help you leave a healthy life.
  • Increases you healthy life span.

In a routine check-up the primary diagnostic step by you doctor is your physical exam. Later on goes for other screening techniques and lab tests.

General physical examination includes:

  • Skin, hair, nail exam.
  • Body temperature.
  • Check-ups of teeth, gums, eyes  and carotid arteries. 8402Gentle-Dental
  • Checking heartbeats and pulse rate/breathing rate.
  • Examining the lungs, liver and the whole abdominal area. 
  • Checking Height, weight and blood pressure, cholesterol.
  • Examination of  mouth, ear, nose.
  • Examination of reproductive organs, pelvic and cervix exam.
  • Examining bones, joints and muscles for any kind of swellings or tenderness.
  • Conducting preliminary tests for the nervous system cholesterol you sensations, strength, co-ordination, balance,  response and you mental state.
  • Examination of testicles, hernia and prostate area(for males)
  • Breast and pelvic screening(for females)

If you are dealing with a specific problem, tell your doctor about it. So that he can specifically pay more attention towards that region.

To understand your problem better, the doctor may ask you about your  medical history and daily life habits.

The general questions will be related to:

  • Any problem that you are experiencing.
  • You daily food habits and lifestyle.
  • Hereditary diseases or symptoms or any other health concern past occurrence of any severe or minor health complication.
  • Medications, past surgeries or  allergies.
  • Consumption of any herbal or homoeopathic or any over-the-counter medicine.
  • Alcohol consumption, tobacco or any other drug use.
  • Family history of diseases(such as: heart attack, diabetes, asthma, glaucoma, gout, breast cancer, or any other types of cancer like bowel, prostate and melanoma etc.)

If the doctor couldn’t find your actual cause for the problem, You may also require to undergo advanced screening and additional tests.  

Additional tests may include:

  • Ultrasound, X-ray  gty_chest_xray_ll_120403_wb
  • Heart, liver, kidney screening
  • Blood tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Urine, stool tests
  • Tests for diabetes
  • Mammography and pap smears
  • Diagnostics tests for sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis or prostate cancer

After analysing all the aspects about your health the doctor can suggest you the best medications for your problem.

If NO problem has been diagnosed what can be better than this. Assuring yourself healthy as you think is the most satisfactory thing.

Are routine check-ups really necessary?

After analysing all the findings and your medical history the doctor will suggest how often you need to visit for a routine check-up. If you require additional lab tests, the doctor will let you go through them to ensure that you are perfectly healthy.


Sometimes people consider routine check-ups as an  out-of-pocket expense. “Why should I unnecessarily visit a doctor, I am perfectly healthy”, You can hear a lot of people saying this. People don’t like to go to the doctor, till they are sick.

Routine check-ups are worthy and should be done  on regular basis. What else can be important than your health? Nothing! So don’t wait for a health concern to occur, better you get it diagnosed and early treated before it get  severe. Regular check-up helps you perceive any medical snag and cure it better.