Plan in your 20’s to stay fit in your 50’s

Many people miss the unbridled energy of youth when they hit the 50’s. For some that is when energy reserves start to decline and daily tasks, such as climbing a set of stairs, can feel like an insurmountable task. As people get older, they seem to accept the inevitabilities that come with age: frailty and a wrinkly appearance. If you’re reading this and you’re in your 20’s (or even 30’s or 40’s) you do not have to settle for mediocrity Start practicing healthy habits now to age gracefully.  It’s never too late to start making lifestyle changes. If you’ve already started feeling the signs of aging, the tips I’ve pointed out below will help you, too.

Healthy Habits That Keep Your Body Young

Copious amounts of rest

The body heals and repairs itself when you are asleep. While weekend sleep-ins and naps help, the human body does not handle sleep deprivation well. Most adults need at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Some benefit from even more.

When done moderately, exercise slows down the process of aging. It is better to work out frequently and moderately instead of doing intense exercises occasionally. However, if you like intense exercises – such as running marathons and severe weight training, go for it! And remember to stay hydrated and eat well.

Types of fitness exercises that will keep you in shape:

Yoga – it is not too demanding and can be done daily. You can start by doing the simple poses before you advance to the harder ones.

Jogging – going for a jog every day will keep you fit and build muscle. A trim body makes you look younger than you are.

Fresh air

Most people spend their days in tight, airless spaces where getting a breath of fresh air is impossible. Airborne toxins cause a myriad of health issues such as accelerated aging. However, indoor pollution can be as bad as outdoor toxins. To avoid this pollution, you should take walks in tree-filled, open areas that do not have traffic. This may not be possible for everyone at all times of the year, but take advantage of great weather and access to nature whenever you can.

Added bonus to getting outdoors – Our bodies make Vitamin D from the sunshine. Vitamin D has huge health (and youth) benefits.

Keep yourself hydrated and reduce alcohol and coffee intake

Dehydration wrinkles the skin, making you look a lot older than you are. Drink enough water, (at no point should you allow yourself to feel thirsty) and consume foods with a high water content such as vegetables and fruits. Limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol because they dehydrate the body.

Healthy eating

You are what you eat. So why not eat foods that are nutritious and of the best quality? After all, your diet directly affects your overall health.

If you want to practice healthy eating, which foods should you include in your diet?

What can you do now to ensure that you stay socially active as you age?

  • Develop a positive mentalityyour attitude towards aging will affect your lifespan.
  • Have goals it is important to have goals; they help you to stay focused.
  • Make good friends friends help us to get through rough patches in life. If you always have someone by your side, you will not have to shoulder your burdens alone; hence preventing stress, which speeds up aging.