Critical Care

Immediate medical assistance is important to save the lives of patients faced with emergency conditions. More so, emergency medical services offered in a timely time manner boost the chances of survival for patients. Critical Care & Trauma centre is available at all major hospitals in the world with the purpose of providing immediate assistance to those facing a range of critical conditions. Under this, patients are provided quick evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to avert the risks of life-threatening medical conditions. Critical Care specialists and emergency medicine doctors bring help and care in the shortest possible time to save lives.

What are trauma injuries?

Trauma is basically a bodily injury which can either be simple or serious. It can include life-threatening injuries resulting in multiple implications leading to death in certain cases. Trauma injuries can come in different forms and they can lead to shock, organ damage and respiratory failure. Neurological complications can also occur due to such injuries. Trauma injuries may be of various types

  • Bony Trauma
  • Spine Trauma
  • Head Injury
  • Poly Trauma
  • Abdominal & Chest Injury

The department of Trauma Critical Care at Asian Haseena Begum Hospital

At Asian Haseena Begum Hospital, we understand the value of timely medical care and assistance to patients facing life-threatening diseases. Our Trauma Critical Care is equipped with all the medical tools and equipment to provide medical care in the shortest possible time. Our advanced labs and imaging test results help us greatly in quick diagnosis and swift treatment without wasting any time. The department is ready on a 24-hour basis to treat trauma patients. From critical care transport to surgical care to rehabilitation services our experienced staff is always ready to deliver the best of treatment to patients facing emergency conditions.

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