Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a very specialized stream in medical science. It deals with all kinds of diseases starting from early prevention to diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors of the department of internal medicine deal with a wide range of subspecialities which involves different organs and systems of the body. The primary responsibility of this department is to provide medical care and treatment to the patients. Internists deal with adult patients only. They offer a better analysis of the disease and its treatment to the patients.

Our internists at Asian Haseena Begum Hospital extend comprehensive patient care to both indoor and outdoor patients. Doctors of internal medicine do not perform any surgery but support the pre and post operative treatment of surgical patients through their knowledge of medicine and expertise. Internal medicine is a mother specialty. It takes consolidated care of both ambulatory and hospitalized patients while covering all surgical or non-surgical cases. They have the expertise and proficiency in solving any diagnostic problems.

This department is the vertebrae of entire hospital. So, it remains closely associated with all specialties. Our department is highly experienced in managing seasonal febrile ailments like flu, dengue, malaria, infections, chikungunya, swine flu and so forth. The other chronic diseases like lifestyle disorders, obesity, endocrinology, diabetes, thyroid, digestive problems and hypertension are also well treated by our internists.

The doctors of internal medicine department also take care of common diseases like:

  • Common Cold and Fever-The symptoms of common cold are running nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. Some other symptoms like cough, headache, sore throat and fever often worsen the condition. Whenever body temperature increases beyond normal temperature, i.e., 37.50C, it is considered as fever. Fever and common cold are generally treated with temperature controlling medicine along with cough and cold medicines.
  • Loose Motion- The primary symptom of diarrhea or loose motion is liquid bowel movement if it happens for more than three times in a day. Lots of fluid intake is essential to hydrate the body during this disorder. Immediate medication is needed to stop liquid bowel movement is controlled with immediate medication.
  • Stomach Ache-There can be multiple reasons behind stomach ache. Abdominal pain may be a transient disorder or a symptom of some serious diseases like food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, hernia and more. Stomach pain should never be considered lightly. Doctors prescribe medicines after proper diagnosis to identify the cause of stomach pain.
  • Headache There can be multiple reasons for headache starting from primary types like migraine, stress or tension to life threatening issues like brain tumour. Immediate medical consultation is advisable for proper diagnosis of frequent headaches.

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